Arthritis cures and remedies

Unfortunately, "arthritis cures", natural or medicinal, are generally not cures at all.

Arthritis cure medicine

In many cases, your doctor will prescribe medicine to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis. In the case of osteoarthritis, there is little that can be done except to take pain killers. In the case of rheumatoid arthritis, steroids and other drugs can limit the initial damage caused by your immune system's attack on your body. However, in both cases, the long-term side effects can themselves be disabling or deadly.

Arthritis cure diet

There are many diets, which purport to provide a cure. There can be no doubt that a healthy diet promotes good health generally, so you should certainly eat healthily. There is even an arthritis cure book, written by Margie Garrison, which claims to provide a complete cure.

Arthritis cure research

The popular arthritis cure - raisins and gin - is unproven and the apple cider vinegar cure for arthritis gives results that are hardly better than chance. Glucosamine is supposed to be "good for arthritis" but it's not a cure. In fact no research has ever found a 100% cure for arthritis.

"So why am I wasting my time reading this?" you may be thinking

Because there are certainly things you can do to alleviate the symptoms and pain of arthritis. In fact I'm going to tell you about a simple five minute home treatment which might get rid of your pain completely, without drugs, medicines or special diet!

Effective arthritis treatment

When Elayne (84) suddenly developed itching all over her body it wasn't hives and she spent a week in hospital having tests. The doctors eventually decided that it must be an immune disorder similar to psoriasis and prescribed ever increasing doses of vicious pain killers. This treatment barely controlled the neoropathy. Elayne became increasingly disabled and could barely walk to the bathroom. Indeed, her husband, Dr Clacy*, believed that the drugs were endangering her life!

*Not a medical doctor. Clacy was given an honorary doctorate by Dr Rittman of the University of Catania with the backing of Dr Cataldi, then head of the IAVCEI (International Association of Volcanic and Chemistry or the earth's interior).

Clacy had spent much of his life as a geophysicist, investigating volcanos and helping major corporations to find oil and geothermal wells. He decided that they should visit Blue Lagoon in Iceland, where the natural hot springs had been reported to relieve pain. The visit proved to be helpful but Elayne was now suffering from painful arthritis in one hand and both feet. So Dr Clacy put his geothermal knowledge to work and devised a simple piece of pain-relieving Geotherapy equipment to test on his wife at home.


She was still in pain and didn't mind being used as a "guinea pig". He modified the Geotherapy equipment and, almost immediately, Elayne experienced pain relief which, after a number of weeks, provided almost complete remission of all symptoms. She had stopped taking all medication. From then on, simply continuing with the 5 minute treatment, twice a day, has proved extremely beneficial and keeps her pain-free and able to lead a normal life. She can now (age 86) walk quite ably on smooth surfaces and requires only minor assistance on stairs and slopes.

The Geotherapy equipment uses commonly available parts and can be assembled by anyone with a modicum of DIY ability.

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