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Get your web site seen by search engines

Be Found eBook

Be Found

by Martin Pickering

You want your web site to be found? The eBook contains a multitude of tips that I've picked up during the last five years of designing and using web sites. Many of these tips have never been mentioned previously, yet they are extremely important to the success of your web site!

The eBook is a compilation of notes that I wrote to help people who were new to web site design or who couldn't quite figure it out for themselves. (There's no shame in that. Heck, you can still see examples of bad page design on my own web sites where I haven't had the time or patience to correct them!)

I put my notes onto several web pages and they grew as time passed. Now I've decided to combine all those pages into a single eBooklet which can be downloaded and read at your leisure.

If you use my information you can create a HUGE increase in "traffic" (visitors) to your web site after only a few months - maybe even sooner.

Note: this eBooklet tells you how to design web sites that get listed in search engines. It gives brief details about designing web pages with text and pictures but it doesn't pretend to teach you how to design "killer web sites" with flashing lights, bells and whistles. Search engines don't usually care what a web site looks like. Your visitors will expect it to be neat, tidy and easy to navigate.

27 page eBooklet

Be Found eBook

What is an "eBook" anyway?

An "eBook" is actually a computer file which uses "Portable Document Format" developed by Adobe.

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But buying things on the Internet isn't safe!

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What if the eBook is no use to me?

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Be Found eBook

You are thinking to yourself, "I can get this information simply by searching the Internet." Well, maybe, but here it is all in one place; why bother? And, although a lot of the information is out there somewhere, how long will it take you to find it and collate it so you can understand it? Bear in mind that there is also a lot of BAD information out there. People are probably well-intentioned but they just plain get it WRONG. You can't trust it. And a lot of the information USED to be correct but now it's out of date - so it's wrong. Why not get the right information right now?

Be Found eBook

Or perhaps you can find a pirate copy that you don't have to pay for; or a cheaper copy on Ebay? Well, maybe you can, but it will be ILLEGAL and OUT OF DATE. Which means the information is wrong. Worse than worthless, because it's misleading. It will waste your valuable time. You might even buy something you don't need.

I keep this eBook updated. Every time I hear of a change, I rewrite the eBook. And you get free lifetime updates when you buy it!

So if you want the most up to date information, buy it now.

Be Found eBook

You are probably asking yourself: "How does he know about this stuff anyway? How can I trust him to get it right? Is it worth what he's asking? And why should I pay for freely available information anyway?

OK, I'm a 62 year old university qualified Electronics Engineer. I made my first web site in 1995 and I now have several thriving Internet businesses.

Benefit from my knowledge now!

Be Found eBook

Why should you pay? Because I've spent months of my time researching and checking this information. It took weeks to compile it and to gather photographs to illustrate it. And I update it frequently - the original eBook was just 30 pages and since then it has grown to over 46 pages. And those people who bought the original 30 page version get the updates FREE.

So here's your chance to buy this information.