How do I know that I can trust you?

We are in business many year. We have many happy customer.

We never refuse refund reqests made within 60 days but please provide proof of purchase, reason for refund requests and as much information as possible. Also please provide a alternative email address in case we have problem contacting your primary address.

Read all of this:

Well, it's been just over a week since you robbed me of my money and funnily enough I haven't received anything....apart from a receipt from PayPal to confirm that you actually have relieved me of my money.

Take note - I have sent you a nice e-mail (see below) asking when I will be receiving my username and password but you couldn't be bothered to reply to that either....imagine my surprise!!

I am now going to give you the details that were on the PayPal receipt.

Maybe this will jog your memory (doubt it!) and you may feel inclined to rummage through your e-orders to track mine.

Payment Details

Transaction ID:  8MG09086CL872942B
Item Price:  7.95 GBP
Total:  £7.95 GBP
Item/Product Name:  4892327: 1 EBK003 Installing_Sky_Digital_TV @ 7.95
Item/Product Number:  4892327
Invoice ID:  4892327
Buyer:  E Bolton

Of course you may not feel it's worth it, so stand-by for PayPal asking for a refund on my behalf if this order is not fulfilled by the end of the week (17 Nov 06).

Yours with great anticipation,

E Bolton


I have just sent a copy of your receipt and download instructions to

Please confirm receipt.

The email address you used for your order was

Perhaps that "dot" was the cause of your probrem?

I apolgise for not responding earlier, as you say you wrote, but this is the first communication I've received from you.

Best Wishes,

I hope you will accept my wholehearted apologies for the rude e-mail I sent you yesterday evening. As correctly stated, I did indeed append the incorrect e-mail address. If it's any consolation, I am in the middle of eating my "humble pie" now!

I can confirm I have now got hold of the book and have to say, on initial glance, looks just the ticket for whipping my old system over to France and installing it with a fair amount of confidence.

As you can probably tell, I have been bitten before by hoax traders taking my money for nothing, and am sorry if I put you in this bracket.

Many thanks and best regards,

E. Bolton


It's OK, I am used to it! At least one person a week mis-types his email address or use an AOL address (despite fact that we can't reply) then he panic. However, I don't blame people for not trusting Internet sellers. There a lot of scams.

The only advice I can offer is to use a discussion forum such as "digitalspy".

Ask (in the relevant section) "Has anyone ordered from this company and received good service"? People are usually only too happy to help and you'll get the usual mixture of "they were crap" and "they were excellent". Take an average. (I'm sure that some people who mistyped their address but never bothered to ask me will report me as "crap"!)

I would also advise having at least two completely different email addresses because sometimes ISPs block replies for no obvious reason. That way you can give your normal email address, plus (for example) a free hotmail address, plus a free Yahoo address and ask the recipient to reply to all three. If you still don't get reply to any of them then either the recipient got ill, went on holiday* or it really is a scam.

*If I go on holiday I can add a holiday note to the automatic reply. However, if the customer got his email address wrong, he won't see it! I haven't found an answer to this because there's no way to stop a shopping cart from working (or to give a holiday message) and there's no holiday message facility on Paypal.

I've tried to put as much information on the site as possible but I can't force people to believe "full refund if not delighted"!

Thanks for taking the trouble to reply. :-)

Best Wishes,