The Free Section

Q. What's the purpose of the "Free" section? (That's the orange tab labelled "Free").

A. It's just a bit of fun. Click on the various parts of the "Reading Room" and see where you end up!

Q. Why do you make it difficult to download a free eBook?

A. It's not difficult. Just follow the instructions.

Q. Why do I get an error message?

A. I don't know. What was the exact wording of the error message?

Q. Why do I have to answer your questions to get a free eBook?

A. To help me in my research. If you don't like it, go away. I'm not asking for your name, email address or anything personal. It'll take ten seconds of your time.

Q. Why do I get a silly message when I try to download a free eBook?

A. You probably typed something that the program interpreted as rubbish. Type something else instead. The program isn't very intelligent. (If it wasn't rude or rubbish, tell me exactly what you typed and I'll try to improve the spam filter.)

Q. Is it really possible to get a free eBook? I think it's a wind-up.

A. Sure, dozens of people download the free eBooks every day. It's not a wind-up.

Q. Are the free eBooks worth having?

A. Well, nobody's asked for a refund yet. :-)

Q. What do I do if I'm really too dumb to download a free eBook?

A. Send the page address to an intelligent friend and ask him/her to download it for you.

Q. What do I do if my friend experiences the same error message?

A. Write down exactly what you did on the various pages - be sure to list the page addresses and error message - and send me an email with a comprehensive explanation. I'll then reproduce exactly what you did and, if I find a fault, I'll correct it and let you know.

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