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Ultimate guide to Freeview Digital Terrestrial TV

Money Saving Tips

The Freeview Bible

So you need a new aerial and are wondering what to buy? Or you've heard about this "Freeview digital" and "Topup TV" but you've no idea what it is?

Maybe you aren't sure if a D.I.Y. aerial installation is safe or even possible and you have no idea what brackets, aerials or cable might be suitable?

Perhaps you don't know the difference between a computer font (arial), a brand of washing powder (Ariel) and a bunch of aluminium sticks (aerial)? ;-)

Well, this book covers most of what you need to know in the simplest possible way. A real "dummy's guide"!

The Freeview Bible

Do you need advice on ladder safety, installing cables, which aerial to use, which receiver? In fact, is Freeview available in your area?

Well, this eBook answers all those questions.

Would you like to know how to mount an aerial safely on a wall or chimney? How long the mast should be? Distance between brackets? Why a cable loop is needed? How to splice a steel lashing rope into a loop for J bolts? How to clip the cable to roof tiles?

Perhaps you'd like to have wall plates, white, or brown cable instead of black? What sort of cable is required for digital signals? Can you use your existing cable, connectors, amplifier?

The Freeview Bible

Two weeks ago I purchased The Freeview Bible. I read it (some parts several times). By going to the web links that advise availability of a Freeview service I soon found out that there was no chance of picking up a signal at my location. I had a Pace Twin Digital TV Recorder which, on my existing aerial set up, confirmed that no signal was available.

Your book encouraged me to have a go at reworking the old aerial system without spending too much money. This I did using a reel of normal grade co-ax found in the garage and paying a lot of atttention to the "do's and dont's" in your Bible. The aerial was a high gain, wideband job but not a "high quality" one. It had a Labgear head amp fitted - the huge spider living inside was not too please to be evicted. Everything was cleaned up, a five degee upward tilt applied to the aerial, an unbroken down lead right to the Labgear power supply immediately behind the Pace box, a compass fix used for alignment on the Rowbridge transmitter about fifty miles away.

You are thinking "not much chance". Wrong, I immediately tuned in everything that was coming out of Rowbridge and we spent a jolly evening skipping from channel to channel watching all sorts of stuff. Having proved that Freeview is available here I decided to do the aerial job properly. A couple of days later I placed my order with SatCure for a DAT75 and all the odds and ends to go with same. I will now do a first class job (following The Freeview Bible to extremes) and expect to be able to enjoy a good solid signal for years to come.

As a matter of interest I had been very tempted to go over to satellite but have certainly shelved any of those thoughts now.

Best regards,

DLC, (retired engineer, Berkshire).

The Freeview Bible

You really NEED to read this eBook before you spend any money. We don't WANT you to buy anything until you have a complete understanding of all the possibilities. This eBook is going to SAVE YOU MONEY AND TIME. That's guaranteed. And there's no risk because, if you don't like the eBook, we give you your money back! How many other dealers offer you so much information at such a small price with a money-back guarantee?

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The Freeview Bible

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The Freeview Bible

Martin, Thank you for supplying the various connectors, variable attenuator and the Pioneer DBR-TF100 freeview receiver.

The components arrived about 08:45 this morning and the receiver at 14:15. The receiver is up and running and even pulled in the new pay channels (no picture!) that are being advertised. The attenuator got rid of a cross modulation problem that occurred in the distribution system, when I added a masthead amplifier, to improve digital terrestrial reception.

Everything is "go" at the moment!

Thankyou again for your immaculate service.


Tony B

Hi Martin.

Thanks for your very prompt reply to my enquiry. The result is that I ordered the PSU which I have now installed, with the result that I can now receive ALL the freeview channels in an area (S35 0JG) that theoretically is not yet covered.

I have also looked on the box in which the aerial arrived and found the interesting sticker saying that it was "ESPECIAL Black antenna "Active Aerial"". for your information this is black plastic where the one on your website is Yellow and includes the 5050 preamp, which if used without the PSU just passes the signal through, but amplfies the signal by an extra 13 db when used with the PSU.

For some reason the signal from ITV is good here but that from the BBC and Channel 5 is much poorer, ghosting and grainy. This resulted in my Nokia (one of the original On-Digital boxes)giving excellent pictures for ITV and channel 4, but not even tuning in any of the BBC channels. The PSU has now boosted the signal properly so that I can now see pixel perfect BBC1 and Channel 5 for the first time since moving here from Manchester.

The PSU also has two aerial outputs so that it could feed another part of the house if required.

Thankyou once again for your excellent and rapid service.

Ed C

The Freeview Bible

But you are thinking to yourself, "I can get this information simply by searching the Internet." Well, maybe, but here it is all in one place; why bother? And, although a lot of the information is out there somewhere, how long will it take you to find it and collate it so you can understand it? Bear in mind that there is also a lot of BAD information out there. People are probably well-intentioned but they just plain get it WRONG. You can't trust it. And a lot of the information USED to be correct but now it's out of date - so it's wrong. Why not get the right information right now?

The Freeview Bible

Or perhaps you can find a pirate copy that you don't have to pay for; or a cheaper copy on Ebay? Well, maybe you can, but it will be ILLEGAL and OUT OF DATE. Which means the information is wrong. Worse than worthless, because it's misleading. It will waste your valuable time. You might even buy something you don't need.

I keep this eBook updated. Every time I hear of a change, I rewrite the eBook. And you get free lifetime updates when you buy it!

So if you want the most up to date information...

The Freeview Bible

You are probably asking yourself: "How does he know about this stuff anyway? How can I trust him to get it right? Is it worth what he's asking? And why should I pay for freely available information anyway?

OK, I'm a 62 year old university qualified Electronics Engineer. I've repaired over 25,000 satellite receivers before I retired from the repair business. I have countless friends who are aerial installers and TV engineers. For three years I was Technical Manager for the biggest satellite TV distribution warehouse. I've written and published REAL printed books which cost a lot more than this one. I get people writing to me with information every week and I answer a lot of questions about TV each day, too. I write most of the "Troubleshooter" pages in "What Satellite & Digital TV" magazine and I've written articles for other magazines, too.

Benefit from my knowledge now!

The Freeview Bible



Why should you pay? Because I've spent months of my time researching and checking this information. It took weeks to compile it and to gather photographs to illustrate it. And I update it frequently - the original eBook was just 32 pages and since then it has grown to over 60 pages. And those people who bought the original 32 page version get the updates FREE.

So here's your chance to...

The Freeview Bible

Maybe you are thinking "It's not worth it. I can get a local installer to install the aerial, cable and Freeview box real cheap".

Well, that may be right. And if the aerial needs to be high up and you lack the ability or confidence to climb ladders, PLEASE call in a professional.

But are you sure the budget-price installer will use the high quality cable and connectors like we sell? Will you get the correct aerial and the exact Freeview receiver model that you want? Will the installation be neat with hidden cables and the operation carefully explained? Does the aerial need to go in the roof space?

In this case it might be better to do it yourself. And this eBook empowers you to do it!