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Are you one of those people who like the idea of a lovely garden, full of colour and interest, but never get round to doing anything about it? Television programmes give us all high aspirations, but are they making us too ambitious so we are afraid we will fail?

I am definitely a fair weather gardener. I don't like gardening in the cold or the rain. By the time the weather gets hot I want to laze in the garden, not work in it. The British climate doesn't leave many days of the right conditions in my view. What I needed was a book to tell me how to get the most out of a small plot which would require minimal maintenance. Ideas for plans of the garden would be nice too. I wanted to grow herbs but still have some colour most of the year, but I only have time to tend the plot at weekends.

If you need a book to get you out of your arm chair and into the garden these are for you. My small plot is now a riot of colour and I am gradually expanding the cultivated area across my garden. I got the inspiration and the incentive I needed. I hope you get the same. Happy digging!

Plants without Pain or Pesticides

Plants without Pain or Pesticides

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Grow Plants without Pain or Pesticides £0.95

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Growing Plants, gardening without pesticides, gardening without chemicals.