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But I Can't Write an eBook

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It's possible to make good money from eBooks but what if you you can't write well?

Those who can't / won't write might like to consider the audio option. As I'm going on holiday soon, I've spent the last few weeks searching for audio files that I can load onto my iPod to listen to in the plane and on evenings when I get bored. There's surprisingly few, so I've had to resort to downloading "podcasts" and borrowing "talking books" from the library.

So it occurs to me - especially in view of Ricky Gervaise's apparent success - that selling a podcast or audio book might be the way to go. For me the podcast is out because I don't have the stamina to do a monthly show. But there might be a market for talking books. Think of all the "full resell rights" eBooks you've bought. How about reading the best bits into a microphone and selling the result? Some leading marketers are already doing this with telephone discussions.

Damn, I've given away another big tip for free.