ebook piracy

Ebook Piracy

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Piracy can be a problem, of course, but it's mostly confined to people passing copies to their immediate friends. Only rarely does some idiot flout the law and offer pirate copies openly (and 20,000 previous purchasers will be very quick to let you know if it happens!)

One way to combat piracy is to update your eBooks frequently. My own technical books require continual updating as technology changes.

So one thing you must do is offer FREE UPDATES. Put a revision date in the eBook and on its web page. Make it clear that the only way to get the latest information and avoid wasted calls to companies who went out of business (or searches for products that no longer exist) is to get the latest copy.

This doesn't apply to all eBooks but it applies to many of them.

I make this offer for all my eBooks and, surprisingly, only one or two previous customers each month will ask for the latest version. Once they've read it and used the information, 99.999% of purchasers don't bother to get the update.

Anyway, you should PLAN for piracy! Assume that your eBooks WILL get passed around. Make it clear that the information goes out of date quickly. Include descriptions (sneaky adverts) of your other products (viral marketing). Include clickable links to your web pages where there's additional information. CHANGE these links with every revision and replace the old pages with a note that says "sorry, you are using an out of date copy of blah blah blah. To get the latest copy please click here".