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** Make $100 a month for NO WORK! **

Yes, I know, it looks like one of those typical spam e-mails you receive every day.

I'm tired but before I go to bed I thought I'd just share with you how I'm making extra "pocket money" simply by using an old web site that doesn't (didn't) earn me any money because it's too much out of date.

1. You need a web site with well-established "traffic" (= lots of visitors each day). If not, you have to build one. All you have to do is write about 50 pages, each with information about a different subject. How do you write 50 pages??? One at a time! The more pages you have, the more money you'll make. Ensure that ALL pages are linked from a common index page so the search engines can find them. Make sure the index page is referenced on any other web sites you own or have access to. Get your friends to add a link from their sites.

You can scan information from old magazines, books (preferably more than 50 years old so copyright problems are unlikely). Or you can scan stuff in with permission of the author. Or take something already written and carefully rewrite it so it looks nothing like the original (you have to be pretty good to do that and get away with it!) Or use something that you wrote yourself - did you keep your school books, college notes, that article you wrote for "Practical Fishing" magazine ten years ago?

2. OK, you got your web site. Now sign up for Google "Adsense".

Google will first "vet" your web site. If they approve it, you are in business!

Copy the Google "Adsense" code onto each web page. When someone views the page, it automatically notifies Google which then arranges to "spider" your page within the next few hours. To begin with, it puts totally irrelevant adverts in place of the Adsense code. But, once your page has been "spidered", the adverts are relevant to the text on your page.

3. Create a sitemap.xml page and upload it. Register it with Google. (Search for "Google sitemap" to learn how to do this.)

4. Whenever someone clicks on an advert, your Adsense account gets credited with a few cents. Dependent on how much the advertiser is paying Google, it's sometimes a LOT of cents!

5. Now, you can determine what adverts appear on your page by altering the text. This means that, with practice, you can get the highest-paying adverts. In addition, you can *exclude* certain adverts. For example, you may not wish adverts to appear from a rival company whose web site is at

So you go to your Google Adsense control panel (web page) and type in "". (Apologies if this is a real site!)

Adverts from that site will no longer appear on your pages from the next day onwards.

OK, I did this with my obsolete site two months ago. Since then I've earned MORE than $200 which Google will post to me in the form of a US dollar "check" at the end of this month.

Go and do thee likewise. I'm a Yorkshireman by birth and this is money fer nowt! (It's also an extremely valuable tip, fer nowt!)

Because you are not actually selling anything on those pages, you can make it quite personal. Just "off the top of my head" I'll type some ideas as I think of them (if I can type quickly enough!)


  • Music I like
  • My favourite football team
  • Clothes I wore in the 70s
  • How my father earned a living
  • My hobbies
  • My wife's hobbies
  • The best search engines
  • How to xxx with your PC
  • Anything to do with "modem drivers" pulls in HUGE traffic
  • Likewise mobile phones
  • How I earn money at car boot sales
  • Sewing (or whatever) for profit
  • Books I have read (book titles are good traffic pullers)
  • Money from photos
  • My favourite pictures of Wales
  • Cars I've owned
  • How to get a girlfriend
  • Where to buy cheap CDs
  • List of shops in xxxxx
  • Improve your English/French/Spanish/German
  • Improve your punctuation
  • How to change a 13 Amp plug
  • Motorbikes I've owned
  • How to fix bicycle spokes
  • How to fit an extension phone
  • Make your own "keep fit" gymnasium out of scrap bicycles
  • Lose three pounds in weight a day without pain
  • Eat to be healthy
  • How to use a dictionary effectively
  • How to write a best seller
  • How to choose a good husband
  • How to cut down your alcohol intake
  • Guaranteed psoriasis cure for only £10
  • Remember, it doesn't have to be GOOD or even sensible. The idea is to get a visitor then encourage him/her to click on a link (which should interest him because it relates to the page content). Obviously, to get repeat visits, it does have to be interesting/useful!
  • You could also include an opt-in for e-mail notifications about new pages/topics. Ask your visitors what information they would like to see. Stress that it's all FREE. Include a FREE book download with a clickable link back to the web site on every page.
  • Honestly, just pick up a newspaper and look at the adverts. Then write a couple of paragraphs about any subject that takes your fancy. Or scan a few paragraphs from a magazine. BTW most magazines don't mind your scanning part of an article if you quote the magazine as your source and include "how to subscribe" details.

If you can't write a single sentence (I have days like that) then ask someone else to or copy. There are also web sites offering FREE articles for you to use!


Monthly earnings:-