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Welcome to UK Marketing tips. This site is intended to help UK residents to make money. However, people in other countries will also find the information useful.

It never ceases to amaze me that people will work for years for a company that pays them a pittance to make money for the company, then act sad, shocked, surprised and angry when they get laid off. "I'm a loyal employee. They can't do this to me!" Oh yes they can. A company's loyalty is to its shareholders. Their method is to pay you just enough to live on then get rid of you when they can get someone cheaper (and probably younger).

So what's the answer?

Well, DON'T look for "another job". Another employer who will pay you a minimum wage to make lots of money for him. Make money for yourself. You get to keep ALL of it (except tax of course). And you'll have job security.

You'll find lots of free information here to help you to start and run your own business, just as I do.

Note: Without the help of the late Corey Rudl and his successor, Derek Gehl, I probably wouldn't be as successful as I am now. I'm very grateful to the team at

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"I'm desperate. I need to earn at least £660 a month just to pay the essential bills!"

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Money generating schemes

Like Window Cleaning and Car Cleaning, Leaflet Delivery, Bar Staff, Trolley Boy/Girl/Man/Woman, Cleaner, Shop Assistant, Stacking shelves at Sainsbury's/Morrisons/Asda, ripping tickets at the cinema, car boot sales, Car Clamper, Toilet Attendant, Buying/Selling cars. Many of these can be done in your spare time.

Selling on eBay

Read about selling items on eBay. For example a toy or electronic gadget that has gained popularity in America and hits record sales towards Christmas. The unique product that people don't know they need until they see it (iPod was a good example of this). It's generally the case that we make our profit on "added value". Selling blank CDs is frankly a waste of energy. You might buy at 40p and sell at 50p but the profit over a year is tiny because you can't shift huge quantities. I started out on eBay by selling some used computer hardware I had lying around the house. Been trying to find a supplier for amd 64 bit processors. Problem is most of the wholesalers charge more than what I can buy it for on newegg( by the way I am in the United States). I would import, if I could find a supplier anywhere who could supply at right price without expecting me to order 1000 or more pieces at a time. This is just a sideline business right now, I do not have that kind of capital. Any suggestions?

Avoiding debt

Credit cards, store cards, gas bill, milkman, repayment scheme, credit card, pay the Mortgage and the Council Tax Bill, credit rating, income. For debt try Citizens Advice Bureau. Become a money saving expert. Avoid bankruptcy.

Multiple streams of income

A good long term strategy is to have multiple streams of income - each one bringing in maybe a tenth of the total. That way, if one stream fails, you still have 90% of your income.

Electrical wiring is also in great demand. So are plumbing, building and decorating.

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