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7 Internet Myths Still Around

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by Richard Simmons

Here are 7 Internet Myths that are still confusing people.

1. There Is No Money To Be Made On-line. The Dot Com boom is over.

Despite what the media say, the Internet can still be a good source of income - provided you know what you are doing. There are thousands of smaller sites, catering to all sorts of niche markets, making over 6 figure incomes.

True, venture capitalists are a lot more cautious than before. But that's because everybody viewed the Internet as the next gold rush. It's not. Believe me on that one.

2. Business Is Easy On The Internet

No the business is just the same. True that technology may have made things cheaper and removed some of the drudgery. But the techniques are still the same as the off-line world. Only the medium has changed.

Learning to create great offers, good clear communication, good copywriting, creating eye-catching headlines, providing a great service and marketing apply just as much on the Internet, if not more.

3. Just Build Your Site And They Will Come.

I've seen the film "field of dreams" and have to say that I enjoyed it very much. If you think that, just by building your site, the whole world will want to visit then dream on.

There may be 75-80 million people on the Internet but how are they going to see your site. First they have to get to know about your site. Then, if they do come, your site will need to hold their attention. After that they have to trust you before they ever buy from you. This all takes planning and knowing what you are doing online.

4. People Will Find You In The Search Engines And Come To You In Droves.

Imagine that every competitor in the world wants to be in the top 10 of a search engine listing. Couple that with the fact that there are over five hundred search engines and you'll soon start to realise that this is not as easy it seems. In fact search engines are now moving to a Pay Per Click model where you bid on the keywords. Dependent on how much you pay is how high you get listed for those words. Everytime someone clicks on your link you will be billed the amount that you have bid. Goto.com have been doing this for a while. Google.com has started to offer this as well.

A word of warning. Many so-called 'search engine optimisation' (SEO) companies are offering a guaranteed top ten listing.

What they don't tell you is on what search engine will you be listed and for what keywords.

For example if you have a mortgage business then there is no point in being listed in the top ten of some obscure search engine nobody uses for a keyword like 'future and long term investment' - a phrase that few people will search for. Do you get the picture?

Ask these companies exactly what engines they'll get you listed on and for what keywords and phrases. If they don't give you satisfactory answers then my advice would be to go somewhere else.

5. The Internet Is A Great Way To Get Rich Quick

Making money on the Internet and off the Internet takes hard work and persistence. There is no formula to instant wealth.

However, by educating yourself, you'll get there sooner than most. The most successful people are usually the best students. They always watch and learn from other people who are ahead of them. They understand that to make more money requires you to be learning consistently. They don't hesitate in investing in their future by attending courses, buying books, manuals or video tapes.

They understand that knowledge is power.

6. It's expensive.

Internet marketing is extremely cheap. You can contact a huge number of people via e-mail FREE. You can put your company brochures (full colour ) and other information on your website once. People can read it online and you don't have any expensive printing costs. You'll also eliminate postage costs when sending out brochures.

For a small Fee you can have a fully functioning e-commerce site open for business 24 hours a day 7 days a week that can sell to people all over the world. You make money even when you are asleep. How much do you think it would cost to do that with your off-line business.

7. Graphics Are The Most Important.

I'm sure that this one came from a graphic artist somewhere. I'm not having a go at graphic artists. I think that they have an important role to play.

Good graphic design is important - for impact and for clarity ONLY. Graphics should support your sales message. Not become it.

What is more important is the need to understand the nature of selling and why people should stay at your site (see related articles).

A website with great sales copy and some supporting graphics will, 9 times out of 10, do better than a graphics heavy , flash-enabled site. Unless of course your goal is to entertain your prospect. Even then, lots of benefit-laden copy should still be used.

There you have it. Realise that these and many other myths are held by the many. I dispelled the most common ones. That already gives you an advantage over the countless who are holding themselves and their businesses back due to erroneous ideas.


Richard Simmons is a respected IT and Marketing Consultant and has been involved in Internet technology since 1996. He works with major blue-chip companies and investment banks and advises countless small and home based businesses. Richard is uniquely gifted in that he has a deep understanding of both Technology and Marketing industries combined. Contact him personally at richard@crimsondirect.com. You'll also discover some of his uniquely creative business building articles and resources at http://www.crimsondirect.com.