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How To Get Up To 30% Discount On Your Magazine Advertising

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By Richard Simmons

Did you know that you can immediately get up to 17.5 % discount on your magazine and newspaper advertising. Even further savings can be made. Up to 30% in fact.

I know that magazines won't like this article but then again who cares. It's my subscribers and customers that I care about.


Whenever you are about to start advertising in a publication there's a few things that you should do first.

First ask for a media kit. Most magazines will gladly send you one because they are keen to get your business. The media kit usually contains the following: -

  • A copy of the magazine. Usually this is the current issue
  • Demographic information e.g. typical income, area of living, number cars, position in company etc. of its readers.
  • Rate card. Information on how much adverts cost and the various sizes the magazine supports e.g.. 1Ú4 page, 1Ú2 page, whole page.

Whatever you do. Try to avoid paying the cost shown on the rate card. Think of it as what the magazine 'would like' you to pay. Let the uninitiated pay that.

Remember that advertising space is very negotiable. And discounts are available. All you have to do is ask.

So with that understood lets continue.

1. Agency Discount

Large companies use advertising agencies to buy their advertising space for them. Usually the agencies get up to 17.5% off. If your company places its own adverts then you qualify as an agency. Just ask them for an agency discount. They'll give it to you.

Remember. If YOU don't ask, the magazine isn't going to tell you. They are going to take your money and run to the bank.

2. Publishers Discount

If you publish any kind of information-based product you can ask for a publishers discount. Publishers normally enjoy a good relationship with magazines and you can use that to your advantage.

Tell them that you are a publisher and that you publish all your own materials.

3. Remnant Space.

Sometimes publications do not manage to fill up all their advertising space and so they sell it at discount. They'd rather sell it cheap and get something for it than nothing.

That's where you'll benefit. Ask them if they ever have remnant space. The usual reply from the salesperson is that they hardly ever have remnant space and that you should buy straight away to avoid disappointment. Whatever the case may be it doesn't hurt to leave your details so they can call you. Just in case. Sometimes you can get up to 40 % off.

Please note. You must have your advert ready and waiting. They are not going to wait for you to design it and play around.

4. Distress Space

This is similar to the Remnant Space. Normally the magazine has sold the space but the client may have pulled out for a variety of reasons.

In a last minute panic publications will sell that space even at a loss. If they have your details you can bet that they'll call.

Again you'll have to have your advert ready beforehand. Also they tend to call their best customers first. If you have already advertised with the publication then you should ask them to call if they ever have distress space.

There you have it. Sometimes the magazine salesperson will not be aware of these discounts and procedures. That's simply because jobs in magazines are constantly getting shuffled around. But don't worry: the more you practise, the better you'll get.

Good luck.


Richard Simmons is a respected IT and Marketing Consultant and has been involved in Internet technology since 1996. He works with major blue-chip companies and investment banks and advises countless small and home based businesses. Richard is uniquely gifted in that he has a deep understanding of both Technology and Marketing industries combined. Contact him personally at richard@crimsondirect.com. You'll also discover some of his uniquely creative business building articles and resources at http://www.crimsondirect.com.