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In 1995, when I was made redundant for the second time in three years, I almost died from panic. I had a mortgage and commitments that required my salary plus my wife's salary just to break even. But I did some work from home, which got some pennies rolling in, while I looked for a way to make serious cash by working for myself. In year 2000 I finally hit upon a strategy that means the money rolls in while I laze around doing next to nothing. We take foreign holidays and we can afford luxuries that we never dreamed of previously.

Whether you are a Technician or a Graphic Designer, a Sales Person or a Writer, a Refuse Collector or a Surgeon, the book will tell you how to achieve this happy state yourself. You don't even have to give up your day job - but you'll probably want to by next year. Savour the prospect of sacking your boss when you don't need his job any more!


Who Else Wants to Learn The Lazy Man's Way to Making Big Money Online?

70 pages of information.



£9.95 ($19.95)

Money back guarantee!


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"Make Money at Weekends" gives you tips about making money to supplement your "day job" earnings or to keep you going while you get your main business running.

You will learn the secret of making big money easily.

You don't have to make that tedious journey to work in the morning and back at night.

You don't have to have direct face-to-face dealings with belligerent customers.

You don't even have to have any stock.

You don't have to answer to an ungrateful boss.

You don't have to look good.

You don't have to be able-bodied

You don't need much money to start the business.

You don't need any educational qualifications.

You don't have to wonder where the next penny will come from.


Here's a testimonial from one of our satisfied customers:


Dear Martin,

I've already read 3 of the books in your Cool Book Shop: 'Ebay the Interviews'; 'Start Your Own Writing Business'; and most significantly: Stop Work - Get Rich - 'The Lazy Man's Guide to Making Big Money'

I have to say that I've enjoyed them all and found them very informative and inspirational. However 'The Lazy Man's Guide to Making Big Money' has really struck a chord with me.

Paul and I long ago realised that being an employee generally involves someone else using our time inefficiently, in a very inflexible manner and for their profit. For this reason we're well underway with our planned change of lifestyle.

Briefly the steps involved are thus:

We rent our house out a few months from now and go to live on the narrowboat we've already purchased for this purpose using the equity from the house (the rent received covers the mortgage on the house and boat);

I leave my job to go freelancing using the Internet so our actual location is unimportant;

Our living expenses drop drastically and this gives us a breathing space while we build up our new income streams.

The icing on the cake with all this is that I'm currently employed as a Technical Author and am also heavily involved in the electronic publishing side. I was intending to take on authoring contracts and page layout work from existing contacts. However, although I'll accept this to start with, I'm going to write some e-books using the skills, equipment and software I already have and see how that takes off as well. Everything seems to be falling into place. We also plan to use ebay as an additional income stream as we have an established presence there.

Thank you Martin for helping us to be confident that we're on the right path but also taking our ideas several leaps beyond what we'd first envisaged.




Learn The Lazy Man's Way to Making Big Money Online.

70 pages of information.



£9.95 ($19.95)

With "Make Money at Weekends" FREE bonus.
Money back guarantee!

Reginald Gee, millionaire "Mr Salesmanship" says:

"It should come as no surprise when I say that every single week I meet people who tell me how much they have done, how hard they have worked and in all cases how much they have earned for their employers. Usually I find that a person has to be around fifty years of age before they wake up to this fact and realise that they could have spent all those years making themselves better off rather than merely just earning a living. The question which is going to come to you is this - when will the proverbial penny drop for you?"

Well, he's right in my case. Although I attended one of his seminars several years ago, I was almost 50 when "the penny dropped" for me. I hope to make it drop a little sooner for you.


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