how to sell online

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A major problem with selling online is to make your product seem as real as if the customer is looking at it on a shop counter. There's no doubt that many people will pay for the transport to get to a real shop in order to see and feel the product (and also as an excuse to socialise, eat, drink and visit other shops). They also expect to pay a higher price in a shop because they are vaguely aware that a shop has "overheads" (even if that word doesn't actually pop into their head). But you can still captivate a large proportion of them with a good description of your product.

Before giving up your online efforts, try various ways of making each product seem more real. This is where video and audio can help.

As an example, when I started to sell e_books my "front covers" were two dimensional. When I replaced them with 3-D book images, sales increased by 30% instantly. And consider creating "talking books". Many people can't be bothered to read but they are prepared to listen. You could also make Podcasts.

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