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I'll tell you a secret about what stuff to sell on eBay. Sell stuff that:

A: You'd like to sell
B: You know about

There you go, easy isn't it?!

What is your area of expertise (we all have one), what do you do in your spare time, hobbies, interests or even travels? What do you know about, because that'll give you a chance to really sell the product, why pick something you know nothing about? It'll just mean you'll do it poorly and fail, then complain it didn't work, then not try again. Probably...

So find something you are knowledgeable about, and then try and find products which tie in with that. This will help you with your website (more on this in a moment). So you go out and, let's say you know about Ornithology, the study of birds. OK, so you might find art books with tastefully drawn pictures of birds, with lovely descriptions. You can sell those books, OR, take the lovely pictures, cut them carefully out of the book, mount and frame them and then sell it as a wonderful picture. You might sell ornamental bird feeders or squirrel proof ones. You might sell binoculars, night vision goggles etc. Whatever it is, tie it into the hobby, interest or pastime.

OK, stage one complete. Next stop website. Build it and build it fast; get it up and get selling; eBay is a very difficult marketplace now - too competitive - so if you're competing on price then you'll get nowhere fast. Compete on quality and service - a much more profitable area to operate in. OK I digress. So get your website up and running and then get all your products on there. Don't worry if it's only a few - that's fine for now - just make sure the suppliers are able to cope with potential demand and that they will not let you down and fail to deliver on your promises. Right now, once your site is up, ignore selling. What? Yup, ignore selling; do not attempt to sell. What? Yes, do nothing but add content to your site; add it daily; add plenty and make it relevant to your products and website theme, Birds (or whatever).

At the end of every article make sure there is a link to one of your products. Make that link relevant. If you do not have a relevant link, link to someone else who does. Make it an affiliate link so, if someone clicks it and goes on to buy, you get in on the deal somewhere and get a % of the transaction.

OK, so you've been building your site for 6 months, and promoting it (not the products it sells) online. Now build a following, get email addresses and get yourself a list of people with the same or similar interests. Then send them out a regular newsletter and give them a discount on your online store items - say 10% - and offer them 20% if they recommend a friend who then buys. In fact give them 20% off their next purchase and 10% off their Friends purchase (or 10% back to the friend).

Once you have that list, the website, and promote your products on eBay, then after a year you'll be flying and will have a good chance of succeeding.

It's not a difficult formula so just apply the formula to succeed.

1) Use your knowledge - you already have this so no investment there.

2) Build a website - easy to do now with many places offering start ups for low/no cost. See http://www.betterwebspace.com

3) Source reputable, easy to deal with suppliers - Simply Wholesale can help you there:


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4) Promote, add content, promote, add content, promote, add content - Do you see a pattern emerging?

5) Never stop learning - stay aware of developments in your area of interest and be first to capitalise on them.

6) Develop yourself - we all start out in business expecting to arrive at the mythical land of success, but what you don't realise is that success is with you every day and personal development is one of the key skills to master. Then and only then, will you be truly successful. Being able to drop bad habits, create new better routines, spot opportunities, set goals, network, develop strategies and create wealth are all things you will master if you are truly successful. Start to learn these skills today, notice improvements you make, congratulate yourself but don't rest on your laurels, have a useful, positive attitude, don't get bogged down in the negative, avoid energy sinks and most of all, the single most important thing you can do is listen to http://www.thewadcast.com

Good luck and enjoy the journey, it's fun! If it's not fun then stop doing it!!!

Stuart Morrison