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Installing a Sky Minidish tutorial movie for download

You've thought about installing your own Sky Digital system but you know it's too difficult, too time-consuming and too expensive?


You can do it yourself or with the help of a friend.

You will need a broadband connection to download the movie file.

"Installing a Sky Minidish" movie file £5.95

eMovie - Movie file to download

Click HERE to view a movie clip (You will need to have QuickTime installed. If the movie doesn't play, right click to download it and play it on your PC).

In this 25 minute movie, satellite TV guru Martin Pickering demonstrates how easy it can be to install a "minidish" to receive Sky Digital broadcasts in the UK.

The tutorial takes you step by step through the stages of deciding on the best position for your dish, how to assemble it, how to mount it, how to align it on the satellite, how to paint it, how to connect and waterproof the joint and how to minimise the "eyesore" effect.

With typical Yorkshire dry humour, Martin makes fun of himself while telling you everything you need to know to make this job easy.

The movie tutorial ends with a display of your complete "shopping list" - everything you need to buy in order to make the job a success!

You can do it QUICKLY. There's no steep learning curve because I'm going to TELL you how to do it.

Maybe you are thinking to yourself, "I can get this information simply by searching the Internet." Well, maybe, but here it is all in one place; why bother? And, although a lot of the information is out there somewhere, how long will it take you to find it and collate it so you can understand it? Bear in mind that there is also a lot of BAD information out there. People are probably well-intentioned but they just plain get it WRONG or they can't TEACH it simply so you understand.

Or perhaps you can find a pirate copy that you don't have to pay for; or a cheaper copy on Ebay? Well, maybe you can, but it will be ILLEGAL. Do you really want to rob me after all my hard work?

So if you want the easiest tutorial ever, buy it now.

But buying things on the Internet isn't safe!

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What if the movie is no use to me?

We give a no-quibble money-back guarantee. Simply send us an email and ask for a refund.

What if I can't download it?

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