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Home and Car

How to fix or prevent corrosion, rust, decay, dry-rot, etc.

Written decades ago but still very relevant today. Reduces highly complex chemistry to simple comparisons that anyone can understand.

Corrosion only £1.95

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Thank you so much for the "Corrosion" ebook. As I failed Chemistry 'O' level at age 16, and haven't progressed since then, I wasn't expecting to understand it. Boy, was I in for a surprise!

The explanation of how a battery works, plus the simple list of metals and description of what to put where, has helped me to fix my galvanised wheelbarrow and ensure that it will never rust again. Also my classic Rover 80. Who would have believed that a bit of zinc flashing from a builder's yard could fix so many problems?

In addition, the chapter about dry rot made me realise that I had the beginnings of this in my garage roof supports but I was able to nip it in the bud before it became an expensive re-roofing exercise.

Jon Frates


Thanks to your eBook, I have managed to de-rust a pair of brake discs, which my local garage told me would have to be replaced with new ones. I can't believe how easy it was. With the rust gone, they look almost new with hardly any wear or scoring. I suppose I should have realised there couldn't be much wrong, since the car was only two years old when I had to declare it "off-road" because of a back problem (thankfully, now much improved). The rust was merely a build-up due to the damp conditions and salt, as there was snow on the ground when it was put away.

It just shows how much money you can save with a little knowledge. I must have saved at least £60 plus labour and VAT. Brilliant for such a tiny outlay!

Frank Richardson

Knowledge is power, Frank. Just think how many people are spending hundreds of pounds because they begrudge £1.95 for a book.

I've looked through this book on corrosion and it is very interesting, a fair bit already known in outline but it's nice to see basic facts in one small volume. thanks again.

john robson

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The Great Book for Boys

Published in 1930, this book mixes fascinating tales of hunting tigers and lions and skulls with practical information about how water can generate power, things to whittle in wood and how a Boy Scout can unlock a "puzzle gate-chain". If you can tear your children away from the mind-numbing television, they'll love this eBook. Exciting and instructive.

Book for Boys (and girls) only £0.65

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Cranford by Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell

To quote AA Gill of 'The Times', "Cranford is a story of a lot of fairly silly women fussing about things of monumental insignificance."

Nevertheless, it is a charming tale and one which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. If you have a few hours to spare, this is something that will occupy your time in an extremely pleasant way. A tale of sorrow and joy (with a happy ending). What more could you ask for? (Recently dramatised on BBC). 250 pages.

Cranford only £0.95

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There and Back Again

by Evelyn Davey-Collins. Illustrated by M W Whittington.

While their parents are abroad, Jerry and Joan, the twins, accompany Rosy Liza (a devoted Dutch doll) to the enchanting land of There-and-Back-Again, where they enjoy a most exciting holiday with Uncle Pumpkin, at Cucumber Cottage.

The twins visit Toy Village (where they are mistaken for Jack and Jill, and put in the Nursery Rhyme Book) attend Dame Gingerbread's school; and meet Hop, Skip and Jump, the rabbit triplets who live in the Wood of Delight; Sammy, the Golliwog-man; The Star Keeper and the Sky Fairies; the Clockmaker; a talkative scarecrow, and many other most intriguing characters.

Their adventures are very numerous, and most thrilling; but the greatest of them all is a very venturesome journey which the twins undertake to Christmas Pudding Mountain, for which, as a reward for their courage, they are granted two most important wishes by the Gift Fairy Queen.

Great for reading to your children if you take your laptop, Kindle or iPad on holiday!

There and Back Again only £0.95