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Writing poems is definitely not
as easy as you think.
What you need's an awful lot
of runny gooey ink.

That's not all, of course you know,
go and ask a waiter.
You can do it in the snow
if you've got a piece of paper.

So for today I write you this,
not written in the rain.
The next verse I shall have to miss,
for I simply have no brain.



All Sense Nonsense

As dry as the rain,
As cold as the sun,
As light as the shadow,
As boring as fun.

As green as the ocean,
As blue as the grass,
As clear as the mist,
As first when you're last.

As memories flow through my feet,
through the air,
through my head on the ground
and my face over there.

No sense makes this poem,
but neither do I.
So worry so softly
and now say goodbye.


Princess of the Sky

Sweet child we'll miss you now you're gone,
Though now you're up where you belong,
To watch the world from a better place,
With glowing smile upon your face.

So now among the angels sit,
Forever with your candle lit,
To watch upon our shaken world,
The life of every boy and girl.

And with so many other things,
The lord did grant you peaceful wings,
So now you move from cloud to cloud,
To spread your sparkle all around.

And though you did not choose to be
The sweetened fairy of the sea.
Small child you simply float on by
As loving princess of the sky.


The Past

The past is yet to come,
For we cannot see the distance
From the life we live today
And tomorrow, then for instance,
If today I write this poem
And tomorrow it is read,
Then today for me is past
For that bit of life I've lead.
But tomorrow that will be the past,
So shall I live today.
And what I feel shall never show,
Until I live tomorrow's day.
So I shall live each day the next
As so to catch the past,
And if it shall not come my way
Then future holds a stronger mast.
I know I'll see the past draw near
Each day I see it fall,
But someday soon ahead is past
For it's the strongest one of all.


Together as one

Everyone needs someone to love.
That person is sent from God above
And welcomed at the other end,
Firstly as a special friend.
That friendship kindles in the heart,
Then romance is free to start.
And after chocolate, wine and flowers,
Your mind releases special powers.
Your heart begins to honour and trust.
Feelings turn to more than lust,
And as the feeling inside does grow,
The love outside begins to show.
So then before the Lord you stand
To hold each other hand in hand,
And just to see that love is done,
You're watched upon as two make one.


Teddy sits upon my chair.
I just don't think that he's aware,
Of just how much he means to me,
He's been my friend since only three.
We used to laugh and run and play,
But now I'm not at home all day,
So now he sits all on his own,
But he will never be alone.
I'll love him 'til we both are gone,
And even then it won't be done.
I know we'll always be together,
Me and teddy friends forever.


My little puppy small and sweet
Likes to chew the family's feet.
Eats his food with such a pace
And gets his dinner round his face.
He likes the garden in the sun,
He leaps around and has such fun.
His present toilet is the floor,
But when he grows, outside is more.
I'll watch him grow from small to big,
Then the flowers he will dig.
He'll definately be a cheeky toad,
But I'll always love him loads and loads.

Joe Star

Never have I seen a mini,
Not one driven like Joe Star.
Joe was not the careful driver,
Joe was old man Porters car.
Joe was fast as any racer,
Faster than a cheetah's legs.
Until one day his match was forward,
The day he met a car called Megs.
They raced until their tyres burned,
Until their shape could not be seen.
Joe convinced that he could beat her,
But Megs wiped that track course clean.
Joe Star was old Porter's car,
And Megs belonged to me.
But Scalextric broke that weekend
I had to set my poor Megs free.


In a sea of uncertainty,
Life passes by.
Like soft fragile bubbles
Floating the sky.
With delicate fashion,
They float through the air.
Uncertain of landing,
They do not know where.
Though life is much longer,
It's often been said
That bubbles resemble
A life that's been led.
So when you see a bubble,
Don't pierce it with haste,
But watch it float gently
To its rightful place.
So now that a bubble
And life are compared,
You float through a lifetime
No need to be scared.


Little Nan

There is a special someone
Who I'd like to talk about.
She means so very much to me,
Of this there is no doubt.
She's wonderful in so many ways,
And has a special gift.
For even when I'm feeling down,
My spirits she can lift.
She has a certain quality,
Of this I know I'm sure.
For even when I'm feeling ill
This angel holds the cure.
She's always watching out for me
On her I can rely.
For she's one who's always there,
To comfort when I cry.
I love her more with every day,
Simply because I can.
I know she'll always love me back,
My wonderful little nan.


Unknown Land

In an unknown land
Where noone has been,
Is the most beautiful sunrise
That's ever been seen.
The moon softly fading,
The sun drawing close,
With clouds as your guidance
And ground as your host.
You walk through the meadows
And flowers surround.
You drink from a river
That's never been found.
And still as you wander,
The beauty is clear,
As hillsides near echo
And sunset draws near.
So as you return
To your house near the sea,
You open the door
And are seated by me.
And finishing cocoa
You sit by the fire,
And dream of the place
That is where you aspire.


A Piece of Special Hearts

I have a piece of something
To which nothing can compare,
A special place in special hearts,
A place I will not share.
This place is safe and loving
And was created just for me,
It has alot of love to give,
A love that comes for free.
Theres no need to change the way I am
To earn this special place.
No need to change the way I look
Mine is the perfect face.
You see this very special place
Belongs in special hearts,
And I am always welcome
And I was right from the start.
Im proud to say how much im loved
By a very special pair,
And proud to say no matter what
I know they'll always care.
They've been around forever
And of this I can be sure,
That no matter what may happen
They'll be around forever more.
These very special people
Have a place within my heart.
A place that only they can fill
And so they never will depart.
I believe they're sent from heaven
And I'm very proud to say,
That they are my Nan and Granddad
And I love them more each day.


My Day Friday

When we first met,
I could not get
Your picture from my mind.
Maybe because
Your picture was
Stuck to my window blind.
I kissed it every morning
And I kissed it every night.
Just the thought of seeing you
Would fill me with delight.
I longed for friday,
That was my day
To come and visit you.
And at a chance,
I'd up and dance
And stick to you like glue.


Daft as a Brush!

At first you could fit in my hand,
So cute and soft and white.
From the sofa you were banned,
For being a little shite.
You couldn't be let off the lead
For fear you'd run away.
But now I can't get rid of you,
It seems you're here to stay.
I cannot mention the word 'walk',
Or you get all excited.
I have to sign, or mime, not talk,
Or even have to write it!
You chase your ball under the chair
To where you cannot get.
And always seem so unaware
You're going to the vet.
You get so filthy in the dirt,
So weekly get a bath.
You always shake and soak my shirt,
Which makes my brother laugh!
Why is it that you have to wee
Up every post and bush?
The only reason I can see
Is you're daft as a brush!

Copyright ©2003 Karlee Pickering

This file may be downloaded for private and personal use but NO part of it may be published in any form without the prior permission of the author. All rights reserved.






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