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Rearing Chickens for Food

When we were searching for a retirement cottage I never believed we could afford one with a sea view and a plot of land behind the garden. So I was amazed when we were shown such a place on one of our property searches. These things had not been on my wish list, but having seen them I knew I wanted them. I am not much of a gardener so I thought of other ways to use the land behind the cottage. I decided to keep chickens and set out to do my research with the help of these experts.

How many chickens would my land support? How do I encourage them to lay and in a place where I can find the eggs? How do I protect my chickens from predators? Can I go away and leave them for a weekend? A fortnight? Will they cost more in vet's bills than I save in eggs and Sunday dinners?

To find the answers to all these questions and more see below.

With the credit crunch taking its toll, are you looking for ways to cut your costs? If you have enough land for a few animals you could rear some for profit. You need to know what animals you can keep on your plot of land and how many it will support. You also need to consider if the cost of keeping them will cancel out profit from any produce. Do you want chickens for eggs, goats for milk or are you rearing for meat? If the latter, who is going to do the fell deed? Are there regulations about such things being done on private land? Do you plan to sell surplus produce at the local market? Does your local vet have any experience with (or interest in) animals other than pets? Are there any local laws preventing you from keeping livestock in your garden. All these are questions that need answering before you start.

We all loved 'The Good Life' programme on TV but no one can say 'The Goods' did not have any problems. To avoid their pitfalls, look below and get advice from the experts.

How To Build A Chicken Coop

How To Build A Chicken Coop

If you need a better mouse trap chicken coop, look no further!

4 eBooks about keeping (and cooking) chickens included.

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Answers to Raising Chickens

Answers to Raising Chickens

A complete guide to keeping chickens by Martin Ashway. Every bit of this eBook is packed with the latest cutting edge information on Answers To Raising Chickens and it took over 1 year for a small team of experts to research, gather the data and and compile it into this amazing new eBook, that covers the essential steps needed to be successful at chicken keeping.

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