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TV Purchase money saving tips

TV repair money saving tips

Do you need a new TV? Buying a new TV - Advice needed!

What to do if your TV doesn't work

Do you need to get your TV repaired or replace it?

The eBook gives lots of non-specific advice about avoiding problems, about getting it repaired if it does go wrong and, if that proves not to be cost-effective, advice on buying a new TV.

Remember the good old days when a TV lasted ten to twenty years with only the occasional new valve required? Well, those days are gone. A TV now lasts 3 years - if you are lucky!

What to do if your TV doesn't work

I've just bought (and read straightaway!) your ebook. Well done and packed with useful information, especially the stuff on re-badging. I thought maybe I could add a tip.

Two years ago I bought my first flat-screen TV after years of large-screen CRT TVs bought second hand for peanuts. I went to Richer Sounds and came home with a 43 inch Panasonic plasma. A great picture but I wasn't prepared for the downgrade in sound quality. I had no intention of buying an add-on sound bar for up to half the cost of the TV again, so several dozen screws later, off came the back and I hooked the speaker cables up to a pair of bookshelf Hi-Fi speakers. I had to turn the bass right down to overcome the boost applied in the manufacturer's attempt to make the standard speakers better but the end result was a huge improvement. Cost, £15 from ebay.



What to do if your TV doesn't work

Why your TV doesn't work

Do You (really) Need A New TV ?

You should read this book before you buy or before your TV goes faulty - as it inevitably will! Includes advice on how to avoid problems, fix simple faults, fix remote controls, getting your TV repaired and buying a new TV. Includes many money-saving tips. Intended for the UK reader but many points are applicable to all countries. (Several repair shop owners asked me not to publish this booklet because they think it will lose them business!)

What to do if your TV doesn't work

Will it be Reliable?

Models are changing with such frequency that it's impossible to know what might be reliable. By the time someone provides a review, the model has already been superseded. All you can do is avoid those "supermarket brands" that are invariably unreliable. This book will help.

What to do if your TV doesn't work

Buying a New TV?

Problems Choosing a New TV or Fixing an Old One?

Buying a New TV?

Looking for the cheapest?

Read this first. It could save you money and help you buy the one you need instead of the one the salesman wants to get rid of.

Repair your TV eBook

eBook for immediate download

The book they didn't want me to publish!

I showed this eBook to various professional TV repairers. They pleaded with me not to publish because they thought it would lose them business. They even banned me from publishing their comments from a forum!

Fix your TV set

They don't want you to read this eBook!

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You should read this eBook because it provides hints and tips about buying a TV, fixing a TV when there are problems, and suggestions that will minimise problems before it goes wrong. It is certain to save you time and money!

Why Your TV Doesn't Work

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