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This is not just the usual legal stuff.
This is
USEFUL INFORMATION FOR YOU so please take time to read it and avoid surprises.

Your statutory rights are not affected by these terms.



eBooks are sold for your own use without resale rights. They are covered by copyright law and may not be sold, given away or distributed by any means. This applies to the free ones as well as the paid-for ones so please don't give away eBooks without permission.


Payment is via PayPal only. I regret this inconvenience to those who don't have a PayPal account but you can order some eBooks direct from SatCure instead if you ask. You'll also find some on Amazon Kindle.


PayPal uses a secure server to take your payment details.

Note: The automated ordering system will fail if you omit any part of your name, address and phone number, as it can't carry out essential security checks. These checks are carried out because WE have been scammed in the past by people using a stolen credit card with Paypal or a hacked Paypal account. In both cases, Paypal will take back the money from OUR account when they detect the fraud AND they will treat US as if WE conspired with the criminals.


Because of EU VAT regulations, requiring us to register for VAT, we DO NOT accept orders from EU countries. (UK VAT is normally payable on "digital products" but our annual turnover is currently below the limit that requires this.)


Your details will not be divulged to any third party unless required by law. Please read our full Privacy Policy. All Paypal transactions are subject to the Paypal Privacy Policy. The Cool-Book-Shop does not have access to your payment card details.

AOL and "free" email Users

BTinternet rejects ALL our emails at present, Please DO NOT place an order with a BTinternet address.

AOL often fails to forward our automatic replies so frequently that we can no longer accept orders which use an AOL email address. For this reason you are required to check (tick) a box in the order form to confirm that you are NOT using an AOL address. If you tick the box but continue to order using an AOL address you will not receive the eBook download details and you'll have to contact us for a refund.

Explanatory note: AOL attracts beginners and puts various measures in place by default to protect them from spam. There is nothing wrong with this but AOL users generally don't know how to adjust the settings so that our replies get through. We struggled with this for several years before deciding that we could save a bundle of time and hassle simply by not accepting AOL email addresses.

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Refunds are possible up to 60 days after purchase (or as limited by Paypal). If you need to request a refund for a SatCure eBook please use the e-mail form and include your Order Confirmation number. Please include the statement "I have deleted all copies of the eBook file." Please also state the reason. For any other eBook, please contact the supplier (e.g. Please store your order number and proof of purchase details safely and securely.

IF YOU OPEN A DISPUTE WITH PAYPAL before contacting us you will be banned from using this web site and any of our other sites, so please CONTACT US DIRECT by clicking on the Email tab at the top of the page.

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Please use our email form by clicking on the Email tab at the top of the page.


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