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Free Beginner's Guide to Electronics

Teach yourself electronics in 30 minutes!

Free Beginner's Guide to Electronics eBook$FREE

FREE - Beginners Guide to Electronics

Easier to understand than anything you've read previously!

Martin has a knack of explaining technical subjects in simple language. Components covered include resistors, diodes, transistors and capacitors.

As an example, it describes in detail how to build a flashing LED circuit on perforated stripboard ("Veroboard") with a photograph of every stage.

This is NOT just another boring technical eBook full of mathematical equations. You'll like it! Ideal for everyone from the young student to the retired lady looking for a new hobby. You'll definitely want more!

Free Beginner's Guide to Electronics eBook$FREE

Fully illustrated. Includes:

  • What's the difference between AC and DC?
  • How does a resistor work?
  • Resistor colour code
  • Ohm's law
  • Calculating wattage / dissipation
  • How does a diode work?
  • How does a transistor work?
  • Difference between NPN and PNP
  • Current flow
  • Example transistor circuits
  • Voltage regulator
  • Current regulator
  • Constant current generator for battery charging
  • How does a capacitor work?
  • What does a capacitor look like?
  • How does an inductor work?
  • Relay timer circuit
  • LED driver circuit
  • Micro LED torch circuit
  • LED flasher circuit
  • Breadboard use
  • Perforated strip board
  • Transistor multivibrator
  • Make electronics

Does NOT include anything associated with computers or robotics. This is a very BASIC book about electronic components and simple circuit design.

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Learn Electronics by Building things

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Learn Electronics by Building Things

Includes instructions with colour pictures that guide you through the building of a Mono Amplifier, Sine-Wave oscillator, White Noise Generator and Stereo Headphone Amplifier - all on one "BredBord". Can be used with iPod etc. Then you have the option of soldering the components to perforated copper strip-board (Veroboard®) to build a permanent Stereo Headphone Amplifier. Click HERE for info.

How to use a multimeter

Indispensible for the electronics hobbyist!

By popular request this eBook has been written to explain the most basic uses of a multimeter with extensive use of photographs to show the methods in detail. There's nothing complicated in this eBook. It sticks to simple activities like checking batteries, resistors, diodes, fuses and capacitors; measuring voltage and current.

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