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A Beginner's Guide to Electronics
Learn Electronics by Building
Using a Basic Multimeter
Do You Need a New TV?
DIY Door Alarm for shed, garage etc.
Surface Mount Technology - Design Guidelines
How To Repair Electronic Equipment

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The Electronics Repair Cookbook
Make: Electronics
How to Repair Computers
How to test electronic components
Introduction to Basic Electronics
Computer Home Business
Battery Reconditioning Business
Troubleshooting and repairing Switch Mode Power Supplies
Plasma TV Repair
Repairing LCD TVs
LCD Monitor Repair

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eBooks from SatCure


A Beginner's Guide to Electronics

A Beginner's Guide to Electronics - eBook.

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Teach yourself electronics in 30 minutes!

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Learn Electronics by Building things

A Beginner's Guide Part 2 - Hobby circuits for beginners.

Learn Electronics by Building Things

Includes instructions with colour pictures that guide you through the building of a Mono Amplifier, Sine-Wave oscillator, White Noise Generator and Stereo Headphone Amplifier - all on one "BredBord". Can be used with iPod etc.

Then you have the option of soldering the components to perforated copper strip-board (Veroboard®) to build a permanent Stereo Headphone Amplifier (with optional treble boost for the elderly), which can be used to boost your iPod sound or similar. A great learning experience with something really useful to show for it when completed!

Learn Electronics by Building - just £0.75


How to Use a Multimeter

Using a Basic Multimeter - eBook

By popular request this eBook has been written to explain the most basic uses of a multimeter with extensive use of photographs to show the methods in detail. There's nothing complicated in this eBook. It sticks to simple activities like checking batteries, resistors, diodes, fuses and capacitors; measuring voltage and current. More...

Using a Basic Multimeter £0.99

No Multimeter?

I'm continually being asked questions such as:

  • Do you think the fuse has failed?
  • Do you think the plug-top power supply has failed?
  • Do you think there's a bad connection?
  • Do you think the battery or charger is dead?

Why guess?

Multimeters are cheap and simple to use. Why not buy one now? Stash it away until it's needed. Impress your spouse, kids and neighbours with your ability to track down faults.

Do You (really) Need a New TV ?

So, Your TV Doesn't Work?

The eBook gives lots of non-specific advice about avoiding problems, about getting it repaired if it does go wrong and, if that proves not to be cost-effective, advice on buying a new TV. Read More...

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Buying a New TV?

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Read this first. It could save you money.
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DIY Door Alarm Guide for Garage or Shed


Need to protect your shed/garage or house? - been burgled already?

This guide describes a simple alarm system that you can wire up easily to protect one or more doors and windows. Explanation of how it works, special considerations and where to get the parts.

DIY door alarm - just £0.95


Surface Mount Technology Design Guidelines

Surface Mount Technology - Design Guidelines eBook

  • Why do multilayer ceramic capacitors crack or burst into flames?
  • What size/shape copper pads should I use?
  • How can I reduce the cost of solder by 60%?

These notes were written a few years ago but the points considered remain valid today. They don't contain hard and fast "rules" but attempt to make the designer think logically about his design. Of course, there are some contentious points, which are bound to raise comments such as "Why should I change. I've always done it in such-and-such a way?" My answer is "Why not? You won't know unless you try it!" I worked for fifteen years as a designer and I didn't simply pull these ideas out of a hat. Hopefully you will find them interesting and thought-provoking.

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Surface Mount Technology Guidelines £0.75

Repairing satellite TV Receivers

How To Repair Electronic Equipment, Switch Mode Power Supplies, etc. (General Information eBook) 

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A Beginners Guide to Receiver Repair £0.95

Real Books from Amazon

The Electronics Repair Cookbook: Save Time and Money by Fixing Electronics

This book will give beginners the confidence and know-how to repair electronics. It starts from scratch with the basics and advances to more complex repair techniques. It’s filled with photos, diagrams, and charts to make the material easy to understand, but even experienced repairers will benefit from the know-how inside.

Make: Electronics. Learning Through Discovery (Paperback)

Want to learn the fundamentals of electronics in a fun, hands-on way? With Make: Electronics, you'll start working on real projects as soon as you crack open the book. Explore all of the key components and essential principles through a series of fascinating experiments. You'll build the circuits first, then learn the theory behind them!

Build working devices, from simple to complex You'll start with the basics and then move on to more complicated projects. Go from switching circuits to integrated circuits, and from simple alarms to programmable microcontrollers. Step-by-step instructions and more than 500 full-color photographs and illustrations will help you use -- and understand -- electronics concepts and techniques.

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How to Diagnose and Fix Everything Electronic (Paperback)

In this hands-on guide, a lifelong electronics repair guru shares his tested techniques and invaluable insights. How to Diagnose and Fix Everything Electronic shows you how to repair and extend the life of all kinds of solid-state devices, from modern digital gadgetry to cherished analog products of yesteryear.

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eBooks from ClickBank

Computer Repair Manual

Have you ever wondered how nice it would be to stop getting ripped off by dishonest and untrustworthy computer techs?

Have you ever wanted to learn to fix computers on your own?

Have you ever wanted to have your very own computer repair business?


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Testing Electronic Components

Testing Electronic Components

How you can test electronic components like a professional.

Introduction To Basic Electronics

Introduction To Basic Electronics

The Complete Basic Electronics Hands-On Mini Home Study Course. Learning basic electronics is an important topic. The ideal hobby! People looking for work want to improve their chances of getting a higher paying job and students taking electronics can use this home study course to improve their grades. Click Here!

Currently on offer (March 2012) at only £19

PappaPC Computer Home Business

PappaPC Computer Home Business - $100 Per Hour!

The Recession Is Your Friend! Undercut the MegaStore techs by 50%! More demand than you can handle! Make over $150k per year full time or $50k part time. Almost zero start-up. Remove spyware and virus from computers using free antivirus software. Fun Job! Click Here!

Your Own Battery Reconditioning Business

Your Own Battery Reconditioning Business

Rechargeable batteries have a limited lifespan. There are only so many times that you can charge, use and recharge them. This book explains how to fix these batteries, make money and help save the planet (well, almost). Click Here!

eBooks from Click2Sell

Troubleshooting and repairing Switch Mode Power Supplies could be extremely confusing thing if you don't have someone to guide you through the whole process. That's why I know you're going to be delighted when you discover this E-book, because there's finally a sure and guarantee way to learn the secrets of Switch Mode Power Supply Repair. I have compiled the repairing secrets into an E-book and these secrets can't be found elsewhere! This E-book is written for those who already have some experience in electronic repair and for seasoned electronic repairers too. Click Here

Plasma TV Repair

This E-book is for intermediate and advanced TV technicians and it's a good compilation of servicing information about various display faults and errors on Plasma TV's. This E-book explains and illustrates which board(s) is most likely at fault for a specific display problem. Click Here

Repairing LCD TVs

Learn how to repair common failures in LCD TVs with this 195 page comprehensive guide. This book was written for beginners in electronics repair and includes many photos. If you want to get started in LCD TV repair or electronics repair than this is a good book for you. Maybe you have a broken LCD TV sitting at home and you want to repair it yourself. No matter who you are or what your reason is for wanting to repair LCD TVs you have come to the right place. Click Here

LCD Monitor Repair

"I'm Revealing All My Closely Guarded LCD Monitor Repair Secrets To You. Don't Miss Out The Opportunity How You Can Become A Professional In LCD Monitor Repair In Less Than 7 Days-Guaranteed! I'll Show You All My LCD Monitor Repairing Secrets And How You Can Start LCD Monitor Repairing Work From The Comfort Of Your Home Using My Time-Tested Techniques That Works Throughout The Whole World!" Click Here

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